Capturing and Compiling HD Video Clips?
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I'm looking for the cheapest and/or easiest way to capture and compile segments of certain television news and comedy shows in full HD from a standard set-top box, then export them as a single HD presentation (either as a file or maybe as a Blu-ray disk). Luckily, I'm not starting completely from scratch. I already have MacBook Pro (2010) Final Cut Studio (the 2006 release I think but certainly not the most current version) and Adobe Creative Suite CS5 Master Collection. What more do I need (some type of capture device I assume) and what's the best workflow given the heavy duty software package? This project is NOT intended for any kind of sale or public distribution but instead is part of a school project.
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Maybe someone has a simpler solution, but I would get an EyeTV device as a go-between from the box to your computer.
The software lets you export your recordings and you can edit from there.
(If the video needed more conversion to go into Final Cut, you can use MPEG Streamclip).
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I agree. EyeTV is a good answer.
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