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We're holidaying in Australia and we've promised to take the kids (11 & 12) to Surfers Paradise. The kids think it's a wildy fantastic idea...

... but it fills us with dread: "holidaying" on the 27th floor of an apartment block, all those screeching families, malls, a million fast food restaurants, theme parks, beaches. It's everything we don't look for in a vacation.

Anyone have any tips that may help ease the pain? Any accommodation that will provide some semblance of tranquillity for us old folks yet still be entertaining for the brats?
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What are you looking to actually _do_ in Surfer's? Frankly, I wouldn't holiday there if you paid me, but it's not _completely_ unbearable.

If you're only going for the theme parks, I'd suggest staying elsewhere and commuting. Burleigh heads is about a 20 minute drive south, is _much_ quieter, much prettier, and has some awesome surfing and fishing.

If you're not even going for the theme parks, then skip Surfer's and go to the Sunshine coast - Noosa in particular. The surf beaches there are ideally suited for the kiddies, as the water is warmer and the swell is gentle.

Also, when are you going and for how long? I would think any of these places would be reasonably quiet (well, few screeching families) outside of the local school holiday seasons..
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I second coriolisdave. Try and stay outside of surfers. If you absolutely must stay in surfers, the north end (Main Beach) is nicer, quieter and there are even a fair few decent restaurants on Tedder Avenue.

As far as the theme parks go, give Movie World a miss. It's a complete waste.
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I'll agree, Surfer's was a disappointment, as too Movieworld; Dreamworld on the other hand was fun in a quaint, Aussies attempting to make a theme park sort of way ...
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Even further south from the main Surfers Paradise strip than Burleigh Heads are Tweed Heads, Greenmount Beach and Currumbin..

All decidedly pleasant, and give you the opportunity to explore Northern NSW - Byron Bay especially.. more info
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I third coriolisdave.

The whole coast around there is wonderful.
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I'd fourth that thought - Surfers was the one blip on an otherwise enjoyable vacation travelling Sydney - Brisbane and back. Imagine Vagas done (very) badly....
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