Gifts for a triathlete who seems to have everything?
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A triathlete friend of mine has been serving, for free, as my running coach for a while, and it's time to say thank you—with presents. But what?

She's a hardcore triathlete who, as far as I can tell, has all the serious sports-related goodies she needs (see: an elite coach, a tricked out Garmin + accessories, a Road ID, appropriate attire, special water bottle cage systems, etc.). What exciting, special, would-love-to-have-but-wouldn't-buy-for-yourself kinds of things could I get her to say thanks for sticking with me through these first few slow, plodding months of running?

Possibly relevant: she's a data-driven, tech-savvy, math geek/foodie who has given me lots of presents, encouragement, advice, tough love, and hugs at the finish line over the past few months. Ordinarily I'd get take her out for drinks and call it a day, but if there's something more specifically sports-related I can do, I'd love to go in that direction.

No strict price limit; more interested in the full range of possibilities than in sticking to a specific budget.
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If she likes to listen to music during her workouts, how about a gift card for iTunes or another music service?
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A good-sized donation in her name to a local charity, ie. food bank or such. She has everything. Help her help others now.
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Deep tissue massage? Preferably 2hrs in duration and perpetrated by the heaviest, most brutally sadistic masseur/masseuse you can find.

She will thank you for this.
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As far as I can tell (from the outside, as I am not a hardcore triathlete), high-end cycling equipment is a hole that goes all the way down. Can you get her to talk about her next upgrade? (If she's already up to aero bottle cages, I would be very surprised if she didn't have a next upgrade in mind.)
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Some runs require sponsorship (to benefit a cause like cancer). Perhaps on one of her next races you can get to it before anyone else and donate the whole amount?

Given her support of you, find out when another big race/event is and make sure she has a whole damn crew of people with AWESOME signs, water, whatever is needed, there and cheering her on.

Other people can give suggestions for gadgets.
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I know a female pro triathlete who keeps a blog. She was recently very gushy about a chance to do a wind tunnel bike fit session, and loves her Splish racing suits. She also apparently loves good food, and good massages.
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Seconding massage. I'm just a runner, but sports massages are great for recovery and injury prevention, plus it's a nice indulgence. I would look around and try to specifically find someone who specializes in sports massage.
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