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What's the best way to hookup my canon S95 and my iPad?

So I have an S95 I use for self portrait stuff. But it's "set the timer, take the pic, run back and check." A friend uses her iPad as a monitor for DSLR camera and I'm wondering if there's a way to do it with mine. It's got a mini HDMI out and I've got an HMDI to iPad adapter. In theory, this could work. Just need the app. And the how to do it part. Any ideas?
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I'd use an Eye-Fi SD card and the accompanying app on the iPad. It can do ad hoc wireless connections between the card and iPad, so if you're outside the range of a wireless network it'll still work.

Don't think the live view will work with a S95.
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Maybe take a look at DLSR Remote. No guarantees it works with your model, but you contact the developer, if not.
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I'm not sure there's any way to do live preview on your iPad.

The HDMI adapter for the iPad is only for HDMI output from the iPad, it can't display HDMI input. See this discussion.

One way to get photos from a camera to the iPad is via Eye-Fi. That's a replacement SD card that has wifi built into the card. There's Eye-Fi software on the iPad. So when you take a photo on the camera, it instantly uploads via wireless to your iPad. It works pretty well. But it's not live preview.
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s/you/you can/
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thirding the eye-fi card. The wireless range isn't great but it will connect.
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Look for a 'camera connection kit for Ipad' - Google it
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