Can someone recommend me a good immigration lawyer?
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Can someone recommend me a good immigration lawyer for EB-1a, EB1-b, and/or EB2-NIW?


I plan to apply for an immigrant visa in either EB-1a, EB-1b, and/or EB2-NIW. Can someone recommend a good immigration lawyer in the San Francisco Bay Area?

Side question. Do I need the immigration lawyer to be within reach, e.g., within an hours drive, or will there be little or no meetings such that I can use a far-away lawyer, e.g., in NYC?

Bonus: Can you share with me your experience in applying for EB-1a, EB-1b, and/or EB2-NIW?

Thank you for reading and I appreciate your answers. :)
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They don't need to be within reach, but I figure it's a point for them if they are. I think you'll find good ones in the Bay Area.

I looked for law firms that specialized in immigration, particularly business related, and had a few lawyers - the idea being that with several lawyers to share the load, they'll probably have particular people who handle cases of type X, ie someone with a bit more specialization and experience in your area, rather than having the same guy be a jack of all trades of immigration law.

I found several companies that handled enough volume of the same kind of applications to be specialized in the quirks particular to the system. All of them offered a free consultation visa email (details on their websites), which won't tell you much but they should tell you which of the three paths you're thinking of they would recommend to you, and (briefly) why.

To find my candidate law firms, I just used the internet, starting at the AILA, and applied my criteria above.

Normally I gravitate to someone who is decent but not expensive, however for something like Eb-1a or NIW, I would make my decision purely based on an outfit having a lot of experience and success with people like me applying for the same visa I am, because the risk of the application being rejected is high enough that the only thing that matters is who will be the most able to help you.

But I'm just a guy like you, not any kind of expert. I've had my brushes with this, but my experiences only really count for my situation.
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