Adding a personal touch to digital photo frame gift
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With a digital photo frame is it possible to specify the order photos are displayed? I'd like to have a random set, interspersed with occasional strings of ordered photos.

Adding a personal touch to a digital picture frame gift. I have an idea to make this gift more special and would appreaciate someones help with a) confirmation it is feasible b) an idea on how to go about the technical nuts and bolts.

What's this for: We are a group of friends, and two of our group are leaving. The rest of us would like to give them a digital photo frame filled with photos to remember us. We have a large batch of photos which I'd like to appear in random order. Here's the challenging part: In among those photos I'd like to put individual photos of us each signifying a letter (for example someone pointing to the middle of a SAM sign to signify A etc) and use these photos to spell out meaningful phrases. (E.g We will miss you) Ideally, we would use an alphabet of images to spell out multiple phrases, with these phrases apprearing occasionally throughout the rotation of the set of random photos.

To know if this is going to be possible I need to know more about whether this type of control over photo order is possible with an NIX Hu-motion frame. Can anyone here help?

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Does the frame support animated GIFs? You could create a few of those.
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Our family has had three different photo frames (they are at my grandparents house so I don't know the brands) but every one of them default displayed photos in the order they were uploaded, or you could choose "random."
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That frame plays video. A sure way to do this would be to string your photos together in the desired order into a video file.

However, the frame's manual can be downloaded from the link you provide. It discusses a "shuffle" function:
Shuffle: If you want to view your photos in shuffle (aka- random) mode, turn this function ON. If it is OFF, your picture will play in order. (emphasis mine)
Clearly it has some method for determining an order. That method is probably going to be either filename or the order in which they were copied to the memory card. I vote filename.

However, a quick email to support, or a quick test with the frame if you have it in-hand will answer the question.
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