Multi-CD snazzy packaging
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I just received (and installed) the Adobe Creative Suite of software. All of the discs came in a thick DVD-like pack, with the 5 discs held in sort-of staggered holders. Can you tell me where I might find packaging like this? I have a five disc Ween Bootleg (Rotten Cheese) that I would like to do all proper-like...
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(Though, judging by the prices, the case alone accounts for a whole 6% of the Creative Suite Purchase.)
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Response by poster: Holy crap.
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(Actually, upon closer investigation, they're rather cheap. You just need to buy a whole bunch.)
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I buy such things from Media-N-More but they are in Canada. They charged about a buck (Canadian) each for a sextuple dvd case if you buy ten. also sells them, I think.
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Response by poster: Thanks, fuggers.

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I get them in Chinatown in Toronto for pretty cheap. They come in doubles, 4s, 5s, 6s, 8s, and 10s. I buy the doubles for... I think $30 for a hundred. Something like that. I believe the 5s are 80 cents each or 50 cents each if you buy a hundred. My store of choice is Sonnam, but I believe they're walk-in only.

You can occasionally find cases like this on eBay as well.
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I used to buy supplies from Sleeve City. Obviously they specialize in vinyl sleeves but have lots of things for those newfangled digital thingies.
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sharksandwich...thanks for spreading the brown sound...
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Not that I'm any help or anything, just thought I'd mention that boot, does in fact... rule.
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