Please help me ID this song.
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Can you help me ID this song?

I heard an artist do a solo guitar cover that I really enjoyed. I had never heard the song before, but I am almost certain that she said that it was not an original. I do not remember who the artist was.

-The only lyrics that I remember are something along the lines of "be nice to immigrants, cause they have a hard life." (although probably not this exact phrase as I have googled the hell out of it.)
-The format of the song was a list of advice, possibly a parent talking to a child? Or an old man talking to a younger person? (Note - It was not the "always wear sunscreen" song.)
-I am not sure what the original style of the song was, as I only heard her version of it. She was singing it very fast, and it was upeat.
-Another song she did in the set was "People like us" by the talking heads.
-It took place in Portland, Maine a few months ago at Mayo City Arts center. The event was billed as a "country night" and although the artist herself had a folksy style she seemed to be doing covers of non-country songs, so this song is probably not a traditional country song. Again, I do not remember who the artist was.
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Here's the list of the artists on a poster. Looks like the solo female artists were probably Kelly Nesbitt, Jenny VanWest, and Kate Cox.
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Oh criminy, I remember this bit too but I can't figure out which song it is. I think it may be a Tim Minchin song. Does that ring any bells?
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Here is a gogol bordello song.
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Response by poster: The artist was Kelly Nesbitt and I've emailed her.

Kattalus, I've never heard of Tim Minchin but I looked at some of his songs and it seems to be a similar style. I can't seem to find this song, though.

It's definitely not the gogol bordello song.
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