Lego Birthday Party Ideas
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Any great Lego themed birthday ideas?

My 6 y.o. has requested a Lego birthday party. I would like some ideas on Lego-centric, group/team activities to keep the children busy during the party.
Expect 10-15 kids mostly boys from 5-8.

Thanks for the help.
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Give a few groups a similar number of bricks. No need to count, if you have a big bin full of bricks, you could scoop out similar amounts. Give them five minutes to build the tallest thing they can.
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I made mini-fig heads from skewering a marshmallow and putting a mini marshmallow on top, then dipping the whole thing in yellow candy melts. Use a candy pen to make a face.

Buy a Lego mould and you can make Jello jigglers and chocolates in mini fig or brick shapes.

Lego competitions are fun. You can have awards for a huge variety of things if you don't want it to be "competitive", per se. Most colourful, creative, tallest, innovative, wheels, likely to fly, etc.
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Have you seen A Homemade LEGO Birthday Party?
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For my seven-year-old's birthday, we bought fabric like this[0]=tags&ga_search_type=all&ga_page=1&ga_search_query=lego+fabric&ga_ref=related&ga_facet=

and made little bags for the party favors. I bought a kilo of lego on ebay, put it through the dishwasher, put it in the middle of the table, they each made a "construction" and that was theirs to put in their little bag and take home. The kids and parents were happy, since the gift was something that would actually get used.
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Link didn't work, sorry:

There is a more colourful version of this fabric -- we just made really simple drawstring bags, maybe 8x15cm.

Have fun.
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How about a Lego piƱata?
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Have you heard of Creationary? It's like free-form Pictionary (no game-boards, points/scoring optional), with Lego sculptures instead of drawings. The package has its set of "essential" bricks and cards with cue words on it, (so presumably some designers sat around discussing what bricks to include, what words are good, etc.) but you could surely just use your son's LEGO collection and write some good kid nouns on index cards.

Or have a 100-seconds to the tallest tower contest? or a craft where kids create a figurine of themselves, superglue it together with a loop and turn it into a christmas ornament?

Making edible legos is pretty involved, but you could pretty easily construct a lego cake stand - something simple, basically just big obvious feet-structure that holds up an existing plate.
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Pinterest is perfect for this kind of thing...

Lego birthday
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Our neighbourhood Bulk Barn has these Candy Blox, which could be cute for topping cupcakes or in loot bags.

I love the collaboration between Muji + Lego - building Lego creatures that way could be a nice twist.
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Lego Bingo looks simple and fun. If you need decoration/snack ideas, there are lots to be had by searching for "Lego" on this DIY craft blog.
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We had a Lego party for around the same age. Stuff included Guess How Many Lego are In The Jar, a brick-shaped cake (use half-marshmallows for the studs), a big ramp where people could race cars they'd built downhill, and -- this was the key thing -- a crapload of Lego for people to play with. At this age that was good enough.

Everyone got a very small Lego set to take home. You can buy them from

> I love the collaboration between Muji + Lego - building Lego creatures that way could be a nice twist

We have the hole punch, and it doesn't get used much. It's more complicated than any small kid I know really wants to deal with. Maybe with the rest of the set, though.
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The Lego Man challenge - seriously, the best team lego game EVER. I play it with every new group students, and they always love it.

Make a simple man out of legos. It will have to be real simple for 6 year olds, no more than 8-10 pieces total. Don't show it to anyone.

Divide the kids into teams of 3 or 4 on each team. Give each team a baggie with the exact legos needed to make the lego man.

Hide the lego man behind a chair or barrier of some sort.

Each team has a "ticket" (can be anything). Only one person is allowed to come up at a time from each team (they must bring ticket with) in order to study the lego man. They go back to their team and try to reconstruct it from memory. Let every kid see it at least once before team members start going for a 2nd, 3rd, 4th time, etc. The kids can come up as much as needed, as long as it's only one at a time from each team.
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