Where can I find this necklace?
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Where can I buy this necklace? At the store the other day I saw someone wearing a heart-shaped pendant with a clear covering in the center that displayed lgbt pride colors. It looked kind of like this, except there weren't any symbols in the middle, the rainbow colors were straight across instead of wavy and it wasn't a keychain.
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I found this, something similar about halfway down this page, and on the second row of pictures on this page. I googled "gay pride" "jewelry" and found a bunch of places that might have what you're looking for.
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I've checked those out, but I'm trying to find the exact pendant.
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This is similar, but with the rainbow in a different orientation.
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ilenion's is closest to the actual necklace, but still looking if anyone finds it! It wasn't a rainbow in the shape of a heart, it was like one of those heart lockets except the front was clear and there was a rainbow inside.
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