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Where can I geek out about Skyrim on the web?

I, along with many, have fallen to the wonderful addiction that is Skyrim. BUT, I have a 9-5 job, and often don't get to play more than an hour a night. And currently none of my friends play, so I have no one to talk to in person about it, other than regale my bf with stories. Where can I visit/post/lurk on the web that lets me incorporate this into my downtime at work? (which is busy enough that I can't devote a lot of time to exploring for good sites)
Bf occasionally sends me great captioned screenshots from reddit, and I know Kotaku occasionally posts, but where else can I go and read and laugh about plot points and idiosyncrasies of the game? Something similar to the True Blood fan participation (via awesome comments and animated gifs) at Oh No They Didn't would be fun; something a little more dynamic than a straight up forum. But if you tell me the Bethesda, Steam, or Nexxus forums are more fun than they appear, I will give them a go. Also, reading fanfic is probably a bit over the top for me.

Fellow players, where are your favorite places?
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Reddit's /gaming and /skyrim. I'm also completly hooked on GhostRobo's walkthrough videos.
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How about MetaFilter's own gaming community? There's a large thread about Skyrim right now, with screenshots, properly tagged spoilers, bug warnings, etc.
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Reddit's Skyrim sub-forum.
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Also recommended -- Gamers With Jobs, Skyrim Catch-All thread.
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In my opinion, the best forum for video games is NeoGaf. Lots of industry pros gather there.

Here's their Skyrim thread.
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Nthing reddit.
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I'm delaying my immersion into Skyrim.... neither PC nor work/home will support the commitment required!

However; for Oblivion the two best resources were the UESP and TESnexus. TESnexus doesnt have much in the way of Skyrim mods yet, understandably, but UESP has a fair bit of discussion.
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> I have a 9-5 job, and often don't get to play more than an hour a night.

You should check out the Skyrim catch-all in Gamers with Jobs:
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You guys rock, thanks so much! I'm already guffawing at my desk and learning useful things and watching videos of Lydia doing tragic things like running into the same trap over and over again.
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