Can't find dinner rolls brand or image!
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What is the brand name of this one particular kind of dinner roll? They look like little chef hats, they come in a white cardboard tray in a plastic bag, and they have those little dimples on top.

They're white bread rolls, they're not from a can, they're not swirly on top, and they're square, not rectangular.
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Best answer: They're called brown and serve rolls, and there are numerous brands that make them. Images.
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sounds like some kind of Popover
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Stroehmann, probably.
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I second Brown & Serve rolls.
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Brown & Serve rolls... I'm weirdly obsessed with them.
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Response by poster: YES. Brown & Serve! Thank you so much!
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My baker Ribman, says that these are made by taking 3 pieces of pre made dough and baking them together in one muffin tin hole. But I think I have seen the brown and serve variety also. But like you, I can't find them now.
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They're also called cloverleaf rolls.
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