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Seeking suggestions for inexpensive telephone and internet service in Ontario.

Service Details:

Current telephone service: Bell - $64.25/month, includes unlimited long distance throughout North America.

Current internet service - Cogeco - $53.05/month, Express 8, 40 GB limit per month.

Personal details:

We don't use long distance that much, so I'm sure that an option that charged a lot less for a monthly charge plus a per-minute charge for long distance would be more appropriate for us.

We almost never use more than 10 GB per month on internet. We'd like to keep wireless high speed service.

I see a lot of different services advertised online, but am not sure which are legit and which might be kind of wonky. Any Canadians and especially people in Ontario who can direct me to inexpensive and reliable phone and internet, I thank you! A bundled option where I get both at once is fine too.
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We went to Vonage and have not looked back costs us $30 a month with unlimited long distance and calls to UK, which we needed. YOu could probably get away with 20 a month. We have Cogeco internet. If you want to talk more about vonage, pm me.
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Teksavvy. But wait, you could get even cheaper:
The full DIY approach could even have you buy a modem (DSL or cable) on ebay. Next, you could either 1) add unlimited wifi calling to your Rogers cell phone, or 2) add a VOIP Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) or IP phone and a monthly plan with a VOIP provider. Your total bill could be ~40 for Teksavvy cable 15MB down/5up cable +$5 Rogers wifi calling or a similarly cheap VOIP calling plan.
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seconding Teksavvy. They're not quite as approachable as they used to be (they use a call centre now; back in 2006, you used to call a dude on his cell number and he'd sort you out) but they're still good and cheap.
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I live in Cogeco territory as well, and refuse to deal with them.

I am an avid supporter of TekSavvy, as relayed above. I have been with them since 2009 and extremely pleased with them. They have experienced a lot of growth in the last year, and they are struggling a bit with all the new customers so I've heard of wait time issues calling in right now - they are working very hard to hire lots of people to handle the volume!
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I'm with Velcom at $30 a month for high speed DSL, Bell for basic phone service ($24 a month), and Distributel for unlimited Canada and US long distance ($18 a month). It would probably be cheaper if I went with VOIP, but I'm not interested in that.
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I'm in SW Ontario and use Teksavvy (it really is as great as everyone says) and Primus VOIP for phone. 200GB on Teksavvy is $42 after taxes (and something like $8 of that is the Bell charge for naked DSL, because I don't use their phone service).

Primus is $20 a month for the basic service (which includes all of the features that Bell charges an arm and a leg for), and I think you can pay an extra $10 for unlimited long distance. As a bonus, I can use their online software to permanently block telemarketers.
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