Hope I (don't) die before I get old
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How to deal with the practical aspects of ageing - book/website recommendations.

I am looking for books or, perhaps, websites on the practical aspects of dealing with ageing. I am not looking for Deepak Chopra type books nor for books that give the more obvious advice, such as exercise more and keep in touch with your loved ones but, rather, those with down-to-earth practical advice along the lines of when you should stop gardening when your arms hurt or how to cope with the digestive problems you get when you get older or issues such as increased body hair for women. There seem to be lots of books on how to beat ageing and how to become a new person by travelling around the world on a bicycle when you are 70. I am not looking for those.
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For practical advice on improving your home for older people, start with Homemodes.org and go to their Resources page. If you are able-bodied now (or have able-bodied relatives), a lot of these things could be DIY projects to be done now for the future you.

For practical health advice, start from the Our Bodies Ourselves link list and the AARP health section.
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The book "Younger Next Year" talks about maintaining one's health. It's written by men, primarily for men.
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I'm guessing this isn't relevant to you, but just in case: Ourselves, Growing Older.
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