What is this 80s road trip movie about two young brothers?
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Help me identify an 80s road trip movie about two young (as in middle school age) brothers searching for their father. Details inside.

This movie was definitely a drama. I'm not sure why they were going to see the father - possibly to avoid foster care after their mother's death.

What I remember:
-they stopped to pick up a female hitchhiker
-they run out of gas and have to walk to the next gas station
-the older brother always drives with his hood on because he's afraid someone will see how young he is
-they stop at a movie theater and have an amazing time
-there may be a scene at an airport where the older brother realizes that they aren't going to make it because they have no money left
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Not Smoke Signals I think, but if you liked the one you are describing, you might like Smoke Signals as well.
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Josh & S.A.M? It's from 1993 but has many of the elements you listed. It's not out on DVD but it's often on youtube.
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Big Shots hits some of the same notes but doesn't quite match the details. Check out the amazingly detailed Wikipedia summary for more info.
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Yeah it was Josh and S.A.M. Definitely mixed up some of the details over the years. Thanks guys! I'll check out those other movies too.
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