What is the most efficient way to screenshot something and link to it in Gchat?
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What is the most efficient way to screenshot something and link to it in Gchat?

Lately I've been Gchatting a lot with an old friend. Sometimes I'll copy an image path URL and paste into the chat window to make a point.

But a lot of times, I'll need to Shift + Ctrl + Command +4 to grab a specific piece of a screen. This is a pain because the process is: screenshot, then open Photoshop, then paste into new document, then export, then drag from Finder into Drop.ly and then copy the link. (With iChat you can paste a screenshot with no problem, but not Gchat, unfortunately...)

Are there faster ways I could be doing this?
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Leaving Ctrl out of the screenshot keyboard shortcuts saves the screenshot directly to a .png on your desktop. So use Command-Shift-4 to drop out the Photoshop step.
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Oh nice! Thanks, I didn't know that. Is there a way to tell OSX to save the screenshots elsewhere, to a special folder?
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It's easy to change the screenshot location with Onyx, but you can do it via the terminal as well.
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Awesome. I am now searching for a way to see if I can automate sending everything in that folder to drop.ly automatically....
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No no no.. forget about all that. Gyazo (google it -sorry, on a phone) instantly grabs a part of your screen, uploads it to its server and automatically opens the page in a new browser tab. You can then give that url to your friend. It even remembers you and keeps a history of your screenshots ...and it's free!
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Does it have to be drop.ly? Jing will let you take the screenshot and then share it with the click of a button.
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Another option, CloudApp is a menu bar app that automatically uploads screenshots to its servers and puts the link to it in your clipboard.
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Er, feeling a bit embarrassed about this - there is an option built into drop.ly already that uploads screenshots. Sorry :P Had never noticed it before. (Gyazo does look pretty cool otherwise, but would be nice to not have to launch any new apps for this)
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Skitch does exactly this.
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Or... migrate from Google Chat to Google+, "hangout" and you can switch between live screen sharing & video. Works surprisingly well, even with multiple participants.
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