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What's a good, chill cafe for writing in Berlin? Preferably with Wifi. Any around Kreuzberg/Mitte/Neukölln?
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St. Oberholz and Mein Haus Am See, both at Rosenthaler Platz, seem to be the best-known ones. In Kreuzberg like Espresso Lounge on Bergmannstrasse, and there are a couple others nearby (e.g. Kaffee am Meer) where I often see laptops. If you want a less standard-coffee-shop choice, the back room at Hemingway's Pie Factory is rarely full and they have good wifi. Not sure about Neukölln but hopefully others will have suggestions there.
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Here's a neat blog about Berlin cafes that I occasionally drool over: - it hasn't been updated in a while but has a few good ones. I would tell you my personal favorites, but sadly, it's been so long since I've been to Berlin that WiFi barely existed!
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If the actual COFFEE matters to you, Bonanza had the only Synesso in Germany until recently (Charlottes Enkel in Dresden, which I stumbled on last month, is another). It's in Prenzlauer. Most places have wifi.
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The original Einstein on Kurfurstenstraße is good, though outside your areas–not so far from Kreuzburg, though. In Kreuzburg I like Yorckschlösschen on Yorckstraße, but it's noisy in the evenings. Not sure about wifi in those places.
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Bonanza does have great coffee, but it's very small, so I'm not sure it would be a great place to write.
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I spent a lot of time at Aroma in Friedrichshain in the summer of 2008. Fantastic coffee and snacks, great playlist and plenty of room to work. I think I wrote a review on Qype back in the day.

It's now called Goodies; don't know if it's the same scene — sure hope so!
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I used to get a lot of work done in Cafe Sarotti on Mehringdam. (Actually, it's probably a little closer to Platz-der-Luftbrücke.)
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Hidden gems in South Kreuzberg/North Neukölln:

- Heroes on Friedelstr. - bestest coffee ever, and the owners are charming
- Roderich on Glogauerstr. - lots of comfy couches and quiet corners, delicious teas
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Most of the places people have mentioned here are not in Kreuzberg/Neukölln or even Mitte.

I came here to enthusiastically recommend (as guessthis suggests) Roderich on Glogauer Str. 19. It's very nice and cozy, there's good food and drink, but most importantly they have WIFI and it's very big, and people come there all the time to study, so you won't be looked at weirdly for buying a cup of coffee and staying there to write all day. They have couches and lounge areas but also "real" tables and chairs where you can sit and work properly. My favorite study café in Berlin.
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