Which Netbook should i keep?
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NetbookSalefilter: I have two netbooks...A Dell mini Inspiron 910 w/ a solid state HD and Dell Latitude 2100 w/ a SATA hd. I like both and i want to sell one. Which one should i keep, i cant decide? Opinions Please.
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I have no idea what those are, exactly, but - assuming bigger numbers mean faster processor - is it a 2.5" hard-drive form factor SSD that you could swap in, and get the faster drive in the faster machine, and then sell the other?
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What are the specs on these (processor type/speed, RAM, HD space)? And, more importantly, what is it that you need a netbook for?
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Spend a week using each machine. Try to give each a fair shot by doing the same things on it, such as email and web surfing.

At the end of the second week, going just on your experiences of the last two weeks, decide which one you like better.

Sell the other.
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Other than the hard drives, what are the differences between them?

To echo griphus, what do you use them for?
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basic email and browsing the web
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if it's something as minimal as that, then I would sell the 910 because you're probably going to fetch more money for it. unless then 2100 is newer.
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Yeah, sell the one that nets you more cash.
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All other things being equal, I'd keep the one with the more usable keyboard.
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The Latitude looks like its a little newer than the Inspiron; but the Inspiron is probably smaller and *quicker* while the Latitude is a bit bigger and heavier (and a bit slower due to the HDD and not an SSD).

You use these subnotebooks for email and web browsing... where do you do these activities? If its more often on-the-go, I'd stick with the smaller Inspiron. If it's an appliance you just use at home, go with the Latitude and sell the Inspiron (the Inspiron will probably get a better price, but it's not going to be much).

On eBay, the Latitude is fetching $30-50 USD on eBay. The Inspiron is looking like a ~<>
Post both on Craigslist and see what kinds of offers you get. Just because you post on Craigslist (unlike eBay) doesn't mean you have to actually sell it. If someone offers you much more than $50 for the Lat or $100 for the Insp, go for it and keep the other one.

If you're feeling particularly tricky, see if the SSD from the Insp is compatible with the Lat; if so, post ads for the Insp and the Lat with the HDD or the SSD and see if you get any bites. If the Insp with an HDD gets a good price, swap the SSD into the Lat and keep that one.
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I have a 910 - the SSD is not a standard drive, it will not be compatible with much other than another Mini 9.
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