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Can anyone recommend an online pharmacy that ships to the Netherlands?

I recently re-repatriated to the Netherlands, and although I have insurance, I don't have a GP (huisarts) yet. I need to refill a US schedule IV drug for which I have a valid prescription and which I've taken for many years.

My GP back in NYC is willing to fax/email to a reliable online pharmacy if I can find one.

I went through the older askmes on this, but none involved shipping to the EU or Netherlands, and none actually provided any links to online pharmacies that are still in business it seems.

If anyone has any recommendations for workarounds to this other than the online pharmacy route, I'd be interested in hearing them as well. Please feel free to memail me if you'd rather not comment in the question and thanks!
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Best answer: How about efarma?
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Is there anybody in the US that can pick up the prescription and mail it to you?
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Your problem is the regulatory stuff involved in processing a foreign prescription (Europe) and the regulatory stuff involved in shipping medication to consumers across borders (USA).
So CODs idea is the easiest.
Or you may find a local retail pharmacy where the apothecary is sympathetic to your problem and is willing to go the extra mile or ignore some rules and accepts your foreign prescription.
I would think that large online pharmacies wouldn't find it profitable to care about special cases, since I guess that they make their money on volume.
Bit if efarma won't help you you can give DocMorris a call. It is another well established online pharmacy from the Netherlands. (They exploit that there is free commerce within Europe, but drug prices differ according to the local regulation of each country.)
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Shop around for a huisarts who can see you in the next few days. you may be able to get an appointment sooner than you think.
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Response by poster: Just to follow up in case anyone comes across this askme in the future....

I used efarma to fill the Rx from my GP in NY, but the ordering, payment and delivery process was fraught with delay and miscommunication. It was not an easy process at all, nor is the company's website very helpful.

That said, the personnel with whom I spoke (I wound up just having to call them) were nice and as helpful as they could be, and the company's prices were very reasonable.
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