Who am I looking for to get to the people actually DOING the interaction, not just hotel brokers?
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Who is the actual back end provider of all the different hotel/travel reservations systems, (bonus: in Israel specifically)?

Who is the "back end" of all the different hotel reservations system, in Israel specifically?

every time you go to a site to book a hotel rental, they are accessing (presumably) a third party's backed.. which is giving them the rates and availability for that day.

To my understanding, it seems like a certain percentage is tacked on to that price (which is why the different sites have different rates?)? or am I wrong about this?

(I'm trying to get to whomever is actually the one in contact with all the hotels and getting rates, not working though seventeen levels of intermediaries, each one taking a cut, to get pricing.

It does NOT seem to be the travel agents SABRE system... there are many mom n' pop hotels that do not interact with that system that are given.)
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