John Wayne fans? Help me find a great region 1 DVD collection for a gift.
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British John Wayne fans (who knew?) can get a whopping 34-disc set of Wayne, Wayne and more Wayne. I can't find anything like this available for the U.S. market. Can any U.S. John Wayne fans out there help me find the right DVD set (or combination of sets) for a Wayne fan for Christmas?

Here's the UK region 2 set:
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Go look at Walmart's offerings.

Also, I'm slightly confused. Is this set from Amazon not enough movies for you?

I mean, there are 20 in that set instead of 34, but that still seems pretty good to me.
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Try the JOhn Wayne birthplace
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Are you sure the intended recipient's DVD player isn't region-free? Because if it is (and if their TV can play both PAL and NTSC) you could just buy the UK set for them. Many DVD players can be converted to region free by inputing a code via the remote (easily available on the internet).
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions.

The problem with that set at Amazon is that although it's 25 movies, it's only four discs. I have to think video quality is going to suffer from cramming six movies on a disc. Also, there don't appear to be any of Wayne's more major films. (Which I judge by whether I, a complete non-expert, have ever heard of them.) There are plenty of smaller sets out there, it's just hard to know which ones are any good.

Are there many US TVs that support PAL? I wouldn't have thought so, but I'll try to get the model number of the TV and DVD player and check out that option.

Thanks again!
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