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I am looking for a copy of the script for Once Upon A Mattress. Where can I get a copy for free?

My friends and I were in the play in HS and we thought it would be really fun to get together one evening and revisit the script and read it aloud together. But it's the kind of thing where you have to be super serious and/or shell out to get your hands on it. Anyone have any ideas?

Googling around, I see lots of people asking the same thing but no useful results.
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It might be worth checking libraries. Sometimes they have scripts/libretti.
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You are in LA? The Long Beach Public Library has the score for Once Upon a Mattress. (Check for other libraries)
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Perhaps reach out to your high school/any high school and kind of explain it to them?
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Response by poster: I'm in NYC, but if the library here has it here, maybe a few of us could go in together and at least read it.
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Looks like the Performing Arts branch of the NYPL (close to Lincoln Center) has a non-circulating copy of the libretto and a circulating copy of the vocal score.
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I second papayaninja's recommendation: check w local high schools or community theaters. I have played the role of the evil queen for several theaters bc that musical is an easy production for smaller troupes. They are often willing to collaborate and exchange/share resources.

Good luck!
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