Help me find these bomb-ass pants. Please.
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I need help finding these pants in an XS.

It is extremely important for reasons I don't have room to type. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. I so need to find them...
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I was able to add the XS to my cart from the site you linked.
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I feel dumb because I definitely tried that, but lemme try, maybe I did it wrong?
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Oh I see, it must not've linked to the correct color even though I was seeing it - I'm talking about the blue ones, the "color" called Lady Luck Duck Hunt Print. I believe they're the only ones on there with a pattern.
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A little more expensive, but is this right?
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Yes! Thank you raztaj! You nailed it! They have to be mailed from Europe so I'm trying to find some other stuff to buy to justify the shipping, but thanks so much to everyone for your help!
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