Manhattan brick wall-mounted TV
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I need advice about hiring someone to mount our 40" LCD TV on the brick wall above the fireplace in our New York City apartment.

This is in Manhattan, and I don't want to risk doing it myself. I think the fireplace is functional, but I'm concerned that the brick above it is a facade.

What should I know going into this situation? Are there good people/companies to hire? People/companies to avoid? Obviously, I would like to do this as cheaply as possible, but I also want it done right.
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Do you rent or own? If you rent the first person to speak with is your landlord. If you own the first person is to speak with is your super.
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I can give you the number of the guy who hung my 40 inch TV on my brick wall in NYC. Just memail me. It leaves 4 holes you can easily fill upon exit.
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