Most colourful tattoo artists in Toronto
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Awesome tattoo artists in Toronto?

(I know, I know, the answer is look at portfolios but I've looked at so many online they've all blurred together and I can't tell the good from the great any more...)

I've got some time off work and some money saved up for this purpose, and finally having the ability to sit for one of those 8 hour sessions you hear about, figure it's time to get started on sleeving up.

Who's awesome in Toronto? What are your experiences, and what are the first steps? I'm looking for someone who can do very bright vivid colours with clean lines, it's going to be space themed (already have a rocket to start with) and I don't want it to end up a muddy black mess.

I'm located centrally downtown (Yonge and Bloor-ish) but don't mind travelling for awesomeness.
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Jay at Passage Tattoo had done a lot of colourful work on one friend's leg; some great stuff, including coverups and filling in sleeves on another friend; and some custom stuff in a pretty traditional style on mrgood. Vivid colours and clean lines + Boba Fett? What's online here isn't as representative as his book in the shop, or what I've seen on friends. They're close enough for you to stop in just to look at the books.

mrgood and I usually contact the artist we want to work with, sometimes emailing images for references and locations for the work. Or, we'll phone and arrange a time to go by the shop to discuss what we want, bringing any references and leave it to be worked on. Then we book the appointment, and plan an extra bit of time for minor adjustments the day of.
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I have an old, old friend from high school times that now owns/operates Archive Tattoo. His work looks pretty damn impressive.
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I had a hair stylist with a tattoo from Hartless. The colours were by far the best I'd ever seen in real life. In the gallery on that site you can see some of his space/sky work.
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Wow I'm blown away by these especially David Glantz at Archive. So glad I asked here. Keep 'em coming!!
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I was happy with Matt Ellis at Seven Crowns.
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One of my best friends has some absolutely stellar tatoos from King of Fools
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Yann Black. but he's in Montreal and maybe not the style you're looking for.
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