Table top coffee milk steamer for cappuccino
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Hey Guys, I have a mypressi, which is a portable C02 powered espresso machine. It seems to work pretty good, but the included milk frother does not produce a true milk froth which you would expect to get when you order a cappuccino. I found the linked video on youtube and became intriqued with the steamer/water heater setup he was using. Does anyone know who manufactures that steamer? I have found a stove top model online while searching, but not the electric one used in the video. Any help would be awesome. Thanks guys and gals! Youtube Video Link ~Craig
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Response by poster: That is similar but a stove top unit. They seem to be the only ones I can find. Thanks for the reply. Still looking for something electric similar to what's in the video.
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Response by poster: Anybody know of something more similar to the youtube video link that's electric not stovetop?
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