Plant tastes like mustard - is it?
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Mustardy and garlicky

Can you help me ID this plant (and from this angle) growing wildly in the Mediterranean right now?

Thank you for your help!
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That looks to me like argula or roquette.
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Sure does look like a member of the brassica genus, which includes mustard, kale, cabbage, and broccoli.
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Yeah its some sort of Brassica/Mustard . You can tell from the flowers. Probably an Eruca aka Arugula/Rocket. But it could be some other family member.
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If the flowers are lavendar, it looks like the "wild radishes" we have growing around here in California.

It definitely looks like it's in the mustard family, and at least around here none of them are poisonous, if you're thinking of snacking. But there are a zillion kinds of mustards and many of them are nearly impossible to tell apart without their seed pods to differentiate.
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fwiw, I'd eat it.
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Well, the leaves are a tad thicker and hairer than the black mustard variety that grows here - though these white flowers ~do~ resemble in shape the yellow blossoms of the black mustard. I don't think it's arugala - isn't arugala more of a thin-leaved plant?
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Oh yeah - it's edible - just wondering about it medicinally and those applications.
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No if anything those leaves are on the thin side for Arugula. There is another variety called "wild arugula" that isn't actually an arugula that has thin leaves.

And Arugula has white flowers like that.

However the furry leaves makes me think it is another Brassica.
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Some of the mustards around here get furry leaves when they're mature. In fact, maybe most of them? I still vote for the radish. Can you taste the root?
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It's a very thin root not much flavor but still there's a slight mustard taste. Could it possibly be horseradish? Armoracia rusticana?
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Not Horseradish - the leaves are wrong.

Google Image of Horseradish Leaves
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Not horseradish- wild radish. Looks just like mustard except the flowers are white or purple. It's probably really a mustard but tastes radishy.

However, upon further Googling, it's possible it only exists here in Calif.
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