There must be a puzzle of a forest and a lake out there somewhere!
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I need to find a jigsaw puzzle featuring a Hudson River School artist!

Ok, for my dad's birthday in two weeks, I'd love to give him a puzzle of a painting by one of his favorite artists. He loves the Hudson River School of Art, so I'm thinking Thomas Cole, Albert Bierstadt, or Frederic Church.

I KNOW I've seen these puzzles for sale at some point in my life, but now my google-fu is failing me. I've checked amazon, b&n, pommegranate, etc with no luck. Please help!

Here's the thing.... i HAVE found a couple puzzles by these guys but they're not what I'm looking for. It's the weirdest thing. These artists are known for painting scenes from the Hudson Valley (forests, lakes, etc) but for some reason the only puzzles I can find online are of like, the Rocky Mountains, or the Grand Canyon or ancient Rome. The closest I could find was one of Niagara Falls but... that's still not right.
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Actually, the "Hudson River School" is more a general style of landscape painting rather than a focus on the actual Hudson River as such. Cole's Voyage of Life series is completely allegorical, as are many of the scenes these guys did of ancient civilizations or ruins.

I think your best bet is probably to do a custom job. There are a number of places online that will turn any image file you send them into a jigsaw puzzle. Here's one. Looks like a 1000-piece, 28.3" x 18.5" puzzle is $80.

Note that you may have to call them, as they may care about copyright issues. There are an increasing number of photo places that are getting antsy about making reproductions of photos submitted by customers that appear to have been made by someone else. But these things have been in the public domain forever, so you should be good.
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The shop at Olana (, Church's incredibly cool house, had stuff like this...try giving them a call!
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Hmm, 80 bucks for a puzzle is kinda pricey.... although I will keep it in mind if nothing else turns up!, Olana's giftshop is a great idea! I only see the Niagara Falls one on their website, but I just emailed them asking if anything else is available.
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Thanks, Capt, but I already saw the Pomegranate ones and they're all of out west. Nothing Hudson Valley-esque :(
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