Know any immigration lawyers in Kansai?
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Can any of our Japan-based MeFites recommend an immigration lawyer in the Kansai area?

I'm looking into a Permanent Residence visa, and thought it would be a good idea to let a professional handle it. [1] I meet the criteria on the Immigration Bureau website - been here since 2000, haven't been arrested, I pay my taxes, I have a good job, etc. I understand the process can take a while, so I'd like to get started fairly soon.

Google searches offer a host of choices, but no actual assurances of quality or competence. Therefore, if you have a lawyer or law office you can recommend to me, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Requirements: I live in Osaka, so the Umeda area is the absolute best, but anywhere along a major train line will work. Also, my Japanese is - to my shame - not very good, and gets worse under stress. So someone who can work in English is best.

Much appreciated.


[1] Of course, if your experience suggests that a professional is not necessary, I'd be happy to hear any advice in that vein as well.
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I just did it last year. I looked at a pro, and most were saying it would run ¥140,000 as a base figure. My Japanese was nowhere near adequate to the task, but my sister-in-law helped me out. Basically, if you've got a Japanese friend who speaks decent English, it can be done. It is a long process, and you need a lot of documents. Start to finish took six months for some friends, eight months for me (they really get swamped around the new year).

One huge thing: the English information about what you need is horribly incomplete. The English form lists only three or four documents that you'll need. The infinitely more detailed Japanese instructions list roughly eight or nine docs, every single one of which is crucial. Lacking a single one of them can get you rejected.

A pro might make it easier, but a good friend, a nice thank you present (the paperwork is annoying), and a couple trips to the kuyakusho will save you a ton of money.
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