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Desperately Seeking Sweater

My husband is in need of some new sweaters. We have looked for new sweaters (shouldn't be hard, right?) but have been disapointed in the lackluster quality of a large range of what I consider to be well-regarded brands (Ralph Lauren, The Gap, Banana Republic). The problem is simply that they are too thin - My man wants a dense, heavy sweater that you can't see through when you hold it up to the light. He likes pretty standard styles such as this. Where do you get your favorite sweater? I would love to hear about catalog shops such as Lands End or others where I can't physically feel em up but may be good. Thanks for your help in this dire matter.
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JCrew offers some nice, heavy sweaters.
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I just bought this wool sweater from LL Bean Signature, and it's thick, dense and warm. They run pretty slim though - his regular size will be snug, so he may want to go up a size for a roomy fit.
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Seconding LL Bean. Alternative idea: go on Etsy, find someone who makes hand-knitted sweaters in styles that appeal to him, and commission something for him. Lots of the sellers there are very eager and interested in taking commissions, and will work with you to make sure you get exactly what you went. A lot of the best gifts I've given in recent years have been created through that process.
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This question was posted by a woman recently, but most of the suggested places sell sweaters for men as well: Good resources for stylish yet study sweaters
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Try Lands End! They're also sold in Sears now so if you order stuff online and want to return them, it won't cost you anything to return you take it to Sears.

Lands End has a great Overtsock section.

Oh, and of course you can go check out the stuff IN Sears.

There is a free shipping and 25% off the entire order offer right now too.
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I love my Brooks Brothers sweaters. You can find things in all price points. Cashmere, Merino, and Lambswool are all excellent. The lambswool crew necks are thick and cheaper than a nice cashmere sweater so I would recommend those.
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Oh, and for what it's worth, I'd suggest you check out J.Press too. 25% off sale right now if you use the promo code PSNOV11.

Higher price point than BB but also really high quality stuff. Could not imagine him being unhappy with it. I've found that some items run a tad large. Maybe call up and ask for information on fit?
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Second J Press, especially the Shaggy Dog sweater, though it ain't cheap.
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Seconding Lands End.

I've been buying sweaters from them for twenty years, and they are excellent quality, pretty cheap, and the customer service is splendid. Where else can you get a good thick 100% cashmere sweater for $100?
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And definitely check out Land's End Canvas. I have a couple cotton sweaters from them that I love.
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I basically had the same question a few weeks ago. I ended up ordering a sweater from L. L. Bean. Its definitely thicker than anything I've gotten from the Gap etc. As far as sweaters go, its a relatively trim fit, which is nice, a lot of them are baggy. (I prefer wool ones, not only because they're warmer, but also because they don't start to stretch and sag after a few hours of wear like cotton sweaters.)
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Thanks! Appreciate your advice.
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I'd like to say that the Shaggy Dog, while an institution unto itself, is actually kind of...light? It's very much not a dense, heavy, oily slab of wool in the way that, say, a traditional Guernsey sweater (or even one the classic LL Bean Norwegian sweaters) would be. It's a very refined, and, due to the brushing, almost fluffy/airy take on a Shetland sweater, and you can certainly see through it.

I think you should be looking for sweaters intended to protect you from an environment (even!) more frigid than the interior of the Yale Club: something like a Guernsey or Aran sweater, an old-fashioned ski sweater (you can find Lido/Demeter sweaters used at reasonable prices on eBay, though some of them will be a little...bold for his tastes, probably), or something traditionally Nordic (I hate Dale Of Norway as much as the rest of you, but they certainly have a reassuring heft, and definitely pass the light test). Look for attributes like long-staple fibers (which tend not to pill) and maybe even a little residual lanolin, which will give the yarn a sheen and a distinctive odor.
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Gah, you're right. That was me not paying attention.
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Pendleton has really great thick and heavy sweaters with classic patterns (I like this one).
My boyfriend has a few that have lasted for years and still look great. They are an investment, but worth it, I think.
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My husband has gone on a vintage LL bean sweater buying binge. They've all been very beefy and warm (and slightly scratchy, but using a lanolin wash has helped.) he's super happy with this sweater buying method. (he thinks the lands end sweaters aren't thick enough.)
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