Help me find writing online about people's experiences with mental illness
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I'm hoping people can give me recommendations for compelling personal accounts of mental illness online - do you know of any?

It may sound like a strange or morbid question, but I'm looking for articulate blogs from people who struggle or have struggled with mental illness in various forms. If you have read insightful or compelling accounts, I would be glad for the recommendations. In the past, I have found books such as The Center Cannot Hold, Girl Interrupted, The Quiet Room, very helpful to understanding some individuals' experiences.

I thank you in advance!
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Best answer: From a previous Metafilter post, The Episode. Not sure it counts because it began as drug-induced, but it's pretty harrowing.
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Best answer: "Darkness Visible" by William Styron is a pretty famous account of serious depression.
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Of course that's not a blog sorry
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Response by poster: I've been meaning to read that - thanks for the reminder. And Devils Rancher, that looks like a very interesting link, thank you.
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Not sure that this is what you're looking for but the latest entry on Hyperbole and a Half is about depression.
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Best answer: Dooce is the obvious one, of course. She's very open about her struggles with depression and especially her post-partum experience after her first child. Her depression archive.
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Best answer: Living with Schizoaffective Disorder, by Michael Crawford. "You may be surprised to hear that I suffer from a devastating and poorly understood mental illness. I'd like to tell you what it's like to live inside my head. "
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Best answer: For a more scattershot approach, there's Dear Mental Illness, which publishes letters from people to their mental illnesses. No coherent narrative from one post to the other, but within each post, there's a whole lot of soul-searching and analysis of what various illnesses do to people's lives - and what they don't.
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Best answer: As recently seen in Metatalk: this is about one woman's struggle coming to terms with an eating disorder. It's sequential art, rather than essay or blog, but definitely compelling.
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I know this isn't writing, but In my Language is an excellent video written and created by a lady with sever autism.

As for writing e-health forums has a large number of stories written by people suffering from mental health issues.
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Best answer: You might be interested in The Secret Life of a Manic Depressive.
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Stephen Fry has written quite a bit about his own mental illness.
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Best answer: This isn't written, it's a video, but it has several self told accounts of their mental illness.
Voice of Hope and Recovery It was created by the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services.

Also have you seen the movie called Boy Interrupted? It's a documentary created by a father (who's a film maker) about his son with a mental illness. It has footage of his entire life from early childhood to later. His depression was so serious he was put on lithium for most of his life.
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Response by poster: These all sound fascinating, thank you everyone so much. (If you weren't best answered, it's only because I already knew of it. Thanks!)
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Best answer: Miss Banshee blogs about her mental illness sometimes (she struggles with depression and alcoholism, iirc). I found her blog through Roger Ebert awhile back.
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Best answer: The Mental Illness Happy Hour is a great podcast.
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anything by kay redfield jamison...she's a psychiatry professor at...errr.....i forget, and is manic depressive herself
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an unquiet mind , memoir by kay redfield jamison
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