I like loops and beats. But what does one call them?
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I like electronic music. But what kind would this be considered?

My tastes in music have been expanding over the past decade; Daft Punk and Stereolab were probably my gateway drugs in high school and I've been finding that I really enjoy a lot of electronic sampled music. I went to some record stores in pursuit of vinyl but then realized I have no idea what I'm looking for-- the selections are either very pared down or split up into a ton of genres like drum and base, trance, house, etc.

Here's a list of the artists I've gotten into:
-Aphex Twin (although mostly for Windowlicker- I've only casually listened to other albums)
-The Avalanches
-Basement Jaxx
-The Blow
-Daft Punk -especially Alive 2007 lately!
-Diego Bernal
-DJ Shadow
-The Flashbulb
-Hot Chip
-Junior Boys
-Lali Puna
-Little Dragon
-Mr. Scruff
-Nortec Collective
-Toro y Moi

Also: I got very into Jim Guthrie's Sword & Sworcery LP, along with all the free stuff on the Ghostly shop. And I am a big fan of DDR, particularly some of their electronic tunes such as DJ Taka's.

So at first my question was going to be 'what else might I like?' but these questions were pretty handy for that. (but if you have suggestions of artists or music blogs I won't say no!) I've also been recommended checking out Boomkat to learn more. What I really want to know is-- is there a subgenre or genres for what I like beyond electronic so if I look for vinyl I'll be better prepared? I figured Daft Punk would be super simple but couldn't find much, and was surprised that in several stores I didn't find some of these artists-- maybe they don't hang out in electronic anymore? I suspect there's a few subgenres, but even a general direction to look for would be handy.

Thanks in advance!
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Do you use last.fm? I have found Gb upon Gb of music through their artist and tag radio stations, fueled of course by the magic of folksonomy. If you don't, make an account, and start looking at similar artists. If you do, log into your account and start looking at similar artists. I know that I didn't really answer your question directly, but if I had, that's where I would have started.
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Your taste is going to be split between the indie rock section and the electronica section with a significant amount of overlap, meaning: every store is going to put that stuff in a different place. Depending on the store (probably online), there may be an indietronica microgenre, or indiepop in general, so look along "invented name" lines, too.

However, you have the perfect taste to ask someone who works at a record store. There's a lot out there for you and a jaded consumer with a healthy portion of free time is great to have as a filtering resource. Plus they work at a record store, so you can go all Jack Black on them if they're not answering satisfactorily. Feel free to make up your own microgenres, too.

The thing about Boomkat, whcih is a good store, is that it's kind of more of a dance store. I'd try Aquarius, with the added benefit of being able to email them and stuff with questions.
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The artists I recognize should be in the electronic section, except maybe Stereolab. But you never know when an electronic act might be under something broader like "indie" or "pop." So we can't really know the answer. Ask the store clerk.
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These genre questions are so slippery, especially with electronic music where genres are so micro-differentiated. Several of these examples represent indie rock or post-rock ventures into the electronic. You can see that in your "gateway drug" Stereolab's career, where there is a moment when their sound changes drastically from more fuzzy, weird avant garde-themed garage band to Emperor Tomato Ketchup when all the sudden they were embracing layering loops electronically and getting away from guitar-centered music. I would place Caribou and Lali Puna in that category as well (although I imagine, maybe others wouldn't).

Aphex Twin is one of the clear examples of what was, at least one point, called IDM, which took the techniques of EDM away from being so dance floor dependent. That label is/was controversial though, since calling it "Intelligent" Dance Music implies that EDM isn't.

Nortec from Tijuana is another story. Nortec is often referred to as a genre in itself, even though the members and ex-members of the collective take very different approaches to mixing Mexican styles with different kinds of electronic dance music. There is a great, comprehensive book called Nortec Rifa! about them that is worth checking out.
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You might find this site helpful.
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While I'd be hard-pressed to give you a genre that all of your selections fit in, as I read your list, I was thinking that it was very much in line with the aesthetic of each year's "Day 1" of the Treasure Island Music Fest. (Day 2 features acts that are usually guitar-infused indie rock.) Check out the Wikipedia page under the Day 1 headings, and I suspect you'll find several acts you like.

There are a lot of jumping-off points from Daft Punk into the world of electronic music, but fewer for Stereolab. As a fellow Stereolab fan, I would also recommend checking out Broadcast, Goldfrapp, and Le Futur Pompiste.
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Not too sure of genre either, as I think you have multiple genres here. But if you haven't already I would check out Ninja Tune, also their Soundcloud page: http://soundcloud.com/ninja-tune. Ninja Tune is a genre in its own right, that seems as if it might suit you here.
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Breaks, electronica, abstract hiphop are terms that may help.

A few more:

Jon Kennedy
Psylicibin Mix by Mescalin
Pitch Black (Futureproof and Electronomicon)
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone! This seems super helpful, I appreciate it. Even if you know multiple genres to check out, that's fine! I'm just trying to get a little more clarity.
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Your taste is basically 'IDM', 'electronica' or 'indie dance'. You basically like dance music that is primarily made to listen to at home rather than for the dance floor.
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Quite a few of those could be classified as trip hop, or just instrumental hip hop.

I would second checking out Ninja Tune. they have plenty of label samplers out.
You might also check out an the Anticon Label

Also check out this recent fpp.
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