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I've been sinking way too much time into indie game 'The Binding of Isaac'. Recommend some similar games that will run on a MacBook Pro.

So, I love indie games, particularly ones with really strong 'pick up and play' game mechanics. Think along the lines of Minecraft, Spelunky, or most of what you get in the Humble Indie Bundles.

Are there any games like that for Mac OS that I might be missing out on? I know there's a huge 'indie' scene for Windows, but the Mac side of things is a bit more limited. I'm running Lion on a 2011 13" MacBook Pro (so integrated graphics) if that's any help.
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Check out the Steam list of Mac games.

Here's a few that have good reviews and Mac ports:
- Trine and the Shadowgrounds series (in fact, Frozenbyte is good about making cross-platform games)
- Frozen Synapse
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N - minimalist but extremely challenging platformer with tons of levels. The main website's down at the moment, but you can play a browser-based demo here.

Super Meat Boy - similar to N, but with more color and variety of gameplay mechanics. The Mac version isn't available yet, but it's in the works.

VVVVV - a crazy fun retro platformer with excellent music and unique gravity-flipping puzzles.

Focus has been surprisingly difficult, fun, and polished for a browser game.
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I'm not sure if this quite fits the bill, but I found Limbo to be a delightfully creepy, fun game with puzzles.
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The Indie Royale bundle includes several Mac titles for a couple bucks.

I got the impression that Isaac was a sort of hack and slash, so you might look at Torchlight, Dungeons of Dredmore, or even Diablo.

The Onion's AV Club reviews indie titles on all platforms under the Sawbuck Gamer feature title.
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I had heard of the Indie Royale before, but didn't realise that so many of the games were Mac compatible. Thanks for the tip!

I'm also glad to hear that Super Meat Boy is getting a Mac release, since I enjoyed it when I played it on my old Windows box.
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