Seeking a feast for the eyes. In video.
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Looking for something to watch online. Qualifiers: beautiful, no plot, no script, more than a clip.

I'm in the mood to watch something beautiful. No plot to follow, no script. Maybe a video depicting the history of the planet or universe but done in an artsy, not necessarily educational way. Or 45-minutes of tropical fish swimming around and preening one another (if fish even preen) to classical music. Or just weird animations shifting into one another. Even something about war. I've got Netflix and net, but no tv. Open to animation, although the concept of "art films" makes me uncomfortable.

What are you favorite beautiful/fascinating non-plot-based videos to be found on the net? Hopefully longer than clips, although if someone referred me to something as captivating as this, I wouldn't complain.
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The long videos of the train trip from Bergen to Oslo seems like it might fit. (Previous FPP)
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Russian brake dancers. Won't they ever stop?
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Just posted this week: Earth Time Lapse View from Space
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How much time do you have? Here's something to watch for 134 hours. Beautiful coastal images of Norway, minute-by-minute.
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The long-form trailer for the documentary Planet Earth contains some of the most beautiful and inspiring imagery I've seen, and with perfect music, too. And the documentary itself is arguably the best nature documentary of all time, if you want a lengthier take on the video with minimal story.
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I came in here to recommend the Bergen to Oslo train trip that Gemmy suggested. I think the full version is something like 10 hours long.
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You're looking for Godard's Film Socialisme. The images are captivating and, if you don't speak French, the subtitles are bare enough that you won't get wrapped up in the extremely minimal plot.
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GRAVITAS: Portraits of a Universe in Motion
Very beautiful an calm.
You can download or view online.
You might get slightly educated if you don't watch out, though.
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It's short, but the recent video in this FPP fits the bill.
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Bodysong (wiki)
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Kurioshio Sea
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Take a little trip on the Trans Siberian train, from Russia / Siberia to Mongolia to China, ending in Beijing.
Beautiful (vimeo)
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I watched Babies yesterday on Netflix. Was in a baby kind of mood. No dialog except for babbling babies in five countries. I found it soothing and lovely.
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Life in a Day — rec'd on mefi last week, and I couldn't stop watching it.
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This is short, but really lovely. Landscapes 2 by Dustin Farrell on Vimeo. If you click through to his profile, he's got Landscapes 1, as well, plus some other videos. I haven't seen all of them, but the ones I've watched are just gorgeous.
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Unfortunately, it's flash, and has kinda an annoying intro, but the buzzing fly is totally worth sitting through: Flashback is beautiful psychedelic eye-candy.
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This is a short, but absolutely beautiful and captivating. Tyger.
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Can't believe the third and the seventh hasn't already been suggested.

Fully CGI (in a hard to believe awesome kind of way) film full of absolutely stunning architectural explorations.
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