Help me pick the right sized faucet adapter for my kitchen sink.
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Help me pick the right sized faucet adapter for my kitchen sink.

Forgive me if the terminology is incorrect, but what I'm looking for is a piece of some sort that I can use to attach a garden hose to my kitchen sink. From what I've gathered, this is called a faucet adapter.

I don't know what size to get, or how to properly determine this. The engravings on the outside of the adapter (I think that's what it is) say: A112.18.1M 2.5 GPM 9.5 L/min.

Some random websites I used told me to take a dime and use it to try to get the right size of the adapter. I've attached pictures of that. The dime slipped right into the adapter, and a nickel is too big to fit in the adapter.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

The aerator fits around the spout, thus making it female (I think???).

Any advice anyone could provide would be super helpful, and if you need more info from me, please please ask away.
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These are standardized, at least in the US. Just go to a Home Depot or whatever and ask the plumber guy there for a faucet to hose thread adapter.
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The aerator you show is a female aerator

Take your aerator with you to the store and compare it to one you want to buy(to get the right size) the most common aerator adapters to hook a garden hose to a faucet have male and female fine thread

as you can see on this page-many of the adapter aerators have both make and female fine threads(to go the faucet) the female thread is hidden by the washer inside.These adapters come with different washer depending on whether you use the male or female thread.

a LOT of good hardware stores etc will have what you need and maybe even a plastic board to check for your aerator's can compare by putting the packages beside each other as well.

Don't be afraid to ask-in most cases if you gave them your aerator and said you need a garden hose connection on the other end-they would give you the aerator you need.

do not worry about numbers etc...various manufacturers have different codes etc..the thread size would be constant though
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