Night cream recommendations for sensitive eyes?
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Need recommendations for a night cream that won't make my eyes itch.

For some reason I can't seem to find a night cream that doesn't irritate my eyes overnight. Despite the fact that I never apply it anywhere near my eyes. I've tried a few different brands including Aveeno and one from DHC and they all have the same effect, so they must have some ingredient in common that gives me allergies. Strangely, I've never had this problem with daytime moisturizer. I use Cetaphil for that but sadly they don't make a night cream.

Has anyone else ever had this problem? Did you ever find a night cream that works for you? I'm open to all recommendations but I'd definitely prefer something I could get at the drugstore.

Finally, is there some reason you can't just use regular moisturizer as night cream? I am not enough of a beauty nerd to know these things.
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You can use the daytime Cetaphil for night as well. Usually, night creams are just a little richer, so they moisturize more while you're sleeping.

Chances are you are not actually allergic but your skin is sensitive, and the stronger stuff irritates it more. It could also be that you have rosacea, which will be more pronounced in the evening after being in the sun all day, so you see it at night and associate it with your night cream.

Either way, just stick with the Cetaphil if it is working for you!
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Night creams tend to be thicker and richer, because you're not putting makeup on over them at night, so you can wear a thicker cream. But if you like your day moisturizer, use it at night if you prefer. The only reason not to use your regular moisturizer, that I know of, is if your daytime moisturizer has sunscreen in it, you'll want to choose something with no SPF for overnight, because apparently it can clog your pores if you wear it 24/7. Otherwise, use whatever you like whenever you like it, and don't let the marketing gurus convince you you're doing it wrong just because your use doesn't match the wording on the label.
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Creams that contain chemicals or medicated ingredients (retinol, say) usually just leave my eye area red and hurty. What I love, though, is emu oil. It's rich and silky and not at all greasy. I use it all over my face at night but make sure to pat a little under my eyes. I'm in my mid-thirties and I've been doing this for a year (a little goes a long way), and the skin around my eyes looks, well, plump and smooth. If you don't want to order emu oil online, jojoba oil is probably a good alternative and is easier to come by. Any Whole Foods will carry it.

I think I just got tired of all the marketing surrounding eye cream -- the notion that we ladies MUST use special products just for our eyes. I also shudder a little when the list of ingredients on a jar of cream is a yard long. For me, that usually just adds up to itchy and allergic-feeling. Oils are great -- and good for daytime to, so long as you slap on the SPF after it absorbs.
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You can use anything during the day for a night cream too. Are you looking for a night cream for extra moisturization?

You can try this. They also make one that is heavier, but I think the gel is nice because it feels refreshing.

Also, try putting the night cream on avoiding the eye area. Usually, the eye area is warm and will melt the moisturizer quicker and draw the product toward your eyes.

If you still can't find anything that you like, you can always try a baby face cream. The products are just as good, definitely will not irritate your eyes.
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My mom has that exact issue and swears by Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizer. She says it's the only thing she's found that doesn't do that to her. And she uses it for day and night and has AMAZINGLY nice skin for a lady her age.
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When I was pregnant, I bought this Yes To Carrots deliciously rich butter for my hands because my hands get super dry. It only comes in an itty bitty 1 ounce size, and I fell in love with it. Got it from Target.

I bought the bigger tub of body butter for like $12 bucks a few months later, while not as rich, it is AWESOME. Gentle. Yes, I use it on my face.

They have a big line available at drug stores. I haven't tried anything but these two products. I used to Kiehl's and such, and honestly, this line is the best EVER. That it is less expensive is kinda a bonus.

I have fair and sensitive skin. I think you'll find it non-irritating.
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I use Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream at night and it doesn't irritate my eyes like other brands do (comes in a screw-top jar or tube; not specifically designated as a night cream). I think it's thicker than the lotion, so if Cetaphil lotion is what you're using in the daytime, you might want to try the cream at night. It costs more than the lotion but in my experience lasts a long time.
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I like CeraVe PM. The AM irritates my eyes sometimes (which I think is due to the sunscreen) but the PM is wonderful.
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Origins dark circle cream gave me pinkeye. Molecules from cream can get in your eye even if it's just on nearby skin. I would lay off.
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Burt's bees eye cream for sensitive skin is the only moisturizer I found that didn't aggravate skin problems around my eyes.
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+1 for CeraVe PM. I use it. Also, I love oils. My favorite is argan. I used emu for awhile and liked it, but the fact that it was made from bird fat made me a little sad. It does work, though. Olive oil, coconut oil, apricot oil. So many oils are awesome.

Clinique is made with mineral oil, which may be okay with you.

You can also keep using your Cetaphil.
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Yes, you can use any cream at any time of day. You can even put lipstick on as eyeshadow if you want. Or eyeshadow as blush. For the most part you don't have to pay attention to what a manufacturer calls their product.

I have ridiculously sensitive and dry skin in winter and use typical "night" or "emergency" creams as my face moisturizer around the clock. I used to use Prescriptives Comfort Cream, but then Prescriptives was shut down. MAC rebranded essentially the same product--same name, even--and so now I use that.

Although MAC annoyingly added a slight fragrance to the product where Prescriptives had it unscented, it has never irritated my eyes, and I put it all around my eye area every day. Because I'm not going to drop money on a separate product called "eye cream" just because they call it that.

p.s. "Night creams" aren't made with SPF because, obviously, they want you to buy a separate "day cream." So if you use a night cream during the day because it works better for you that way, get yourself some cheapo SPF from the drugstore to use in combo with the moisturizer. I like Neutrogena's. Conversely, it might be the SPF in your "daytime" moisturizer that's irritating your eyes.
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I can't recommend Mario Badescu products enough. Their lines are all made with natural ingredients, and as few ingredients as possible - I adore them! Bonus: go to their website and fill out a skincare questionnaire, and within a few days they'll ask if you want samples of every product the questionnaire suggested you use (i.e. you'll get enough for a full day and night skincare regimen for a couple of days). It's a really easy way to try out a few night creams without committing any extra money to your search.
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Have you tried the Cetaphil cream? It's super-rich. I don't know if it's a "night cream" but I can't wear it during the day because it's too much with makeup.
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Nthing Cetaphil cream. I use the lotion during the day and in the summer use and the cream in the tub at night... including on my horrifyingly dry legs.
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Coconut oil. The kind you'd use for cooking.

Now that it's cold and I have the heat on, my skin gets very dry. At night, I wash my face, apply some coconut oil to my face, even around my eyelids. Then with a microfiber towel, I pat the excess oil. Or, instead, you could just wash your face, again, with just cold water. It will take away most of the oil, but your face will be moisturized.

You'd think with oil, you'll get zits... but I never do... Unless I drink beer...!
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I've been using aloe vera gel for a moisturizer recently and have found it rather helpful.
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