Help me retake control of my bookmarks.
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Since upgrading from Firefox 4 to 8, the dropdown menu on my bookmarks is too wide to use.

Instead of a uniform length with long titles ending in ellipses, the menu widens to accommodate the longest title in the list. This makes navigating the menu impossible.

I tried looking through mozilla's own help forums, and the advice is universally "just go through each of your bookmarks and truncate the title." I have hundreds of bookmarks. I don't have that kind of time. Furthermore, I don't have the mental energy to remember to truncate every time I make a bookmark.

Is there a Greasemonkey script or something I can install to get my bookmarks menu width back to something uniform? I'm not a coder, but I can follow instructions.
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Weird. My Firefox 8 shortens long titles in bookmarks menus with ellipses just as it always has. What OS are you using?
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This has been affecting some people since FF4. Back then it seems to have been the default theme in 64 bit builds causing problems - changing to a 32 bit build or using a custom theme seemed to cure most cases. I haven't kept up with the issue, so I don't know the state of things now.

FWIW, it's fine for me with FF8 64 bit on OS X.
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I'm running OS X 10.5.8. My macbook is definitely showing its age.
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Are you:
  • using the default theme? (check under "Tools -> Add-ons -> Appearance")
  • running a 32 or 64 bit build? (run OS X's Activity Monitor, find Firefox in the "Process Name" column, and look across to the "Type" column - should say either "Intel", or "Intel (64 bit)")
What about the basic troubleshooting steps Mozilla suggests?
  • Have you tried disabling all your extensions? ("Tools -> Add-ons -> Extensions", disable everything, and restart FF).
  • Have you tried logging in as a different user in OS X and running Firefox?
  • Have you started Firefox with a new profile? (instructions here)
(Those last 2 will start Firefox with an empty bookmarks file; you'll have to find a page with a long title and bookmark it to see if it's had any effect).
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Running FF(64) 7.0.1 on a 10.6.8 iMac and I definitely have to manually trim bookmark names in order to keep the drop-down to a reasonable width. A bit irritating. FWIW, I didn't even realize I was running 64-bit FF.
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You can edit the names of your bookmarks to shorten the longer ones.
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Sorry - I see you said you didn't have time to do that for all your bookmarks. Not sure How I missed that the first time.
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