Help me move into a new Mac!
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Being neither satisfied with a laptop nor a desktop I have decided to ditch my iMac, get a refurb Macbook Pro with a Henge dock and I have some questions regarding the new Macbook, the migration, and what to do with the iMac:

1) I just purchased Lion for the iMac. Does the refurb Macbook Pro come with Lion, will my license transfer, or do I just need to buy it again?

2) I trust there's a way to migrate my files and settings to the new computer. What is it? Is there a process that will move my 3rd party software as well?

3) How do I prep the iMac (OS Lion) for sale (security and privacy)?

4) What is the best way to sell the iMac? I live in Springfield, MO so I don't have the largest local market, yet eBay makes me skittish. What would be a fair asking price (2008 model, mint packaging, 21", RAM maxed to 4G)? I hope to get 600-700. Is this reasonable?
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1. Comes with Lion or you can get Lion for free, or you can install your copy on it.

2. Time Machine is how you migrate, and it will move everything. Get an external hard drive for that if you don't have one.

3. Just delete everything in your user account.

4. Craigslist is probably the way to sell it in your regional markets if you don't want to do ebay. Local is best, but you would probably have to know somebody who wants it. I would guess you could get no more than 600 for it.
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3. Just delete everything in your user account.

I wouldn't consider this very secure or private. I prefer a 7-pass erase. Takes a few hours, but worth it for peace of mind.

As for selling, I've had good luck with Gazelle. You'll get less than you would in private sale, but the convenience factor is high. You can look up your model on Gazelle to see how much they'd give you.
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A few additions:

1. If the new computer doesn't come with Lion already, you just need to load up the Mac App Store, log in, go to your purchases, and re-download and install.

2. You want Migration Assistant. You don't need an external hard drive. Either get both machines on the same Airport network or connect them with a Ethernet cable (faster).

3. You should format the hard drive. Create a bootable USB drive, boot from it, go into Disk Utility, and format the hard drive. There are various overwrite N-times options depending on how much time you want to spend on it. (I would at least zero everything out once.)
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2. You want Migration Assistant. You don't need an external hard drive. Either get both machines on the same Airport network or connect them with a Ethernet cable (faster).

On one hand, this is absolutely true. On the other, Time Machine is a great thing, and if you're not using it - or something third-party and similarly automated - to do your backups, you should, immediately. The ease of doing computer transfers is just a bonus (while browsing the web on my old laptop, I set up my new one - the one I'm using right now - and in about an hour it was ready to go with all 150 GB of my Stuff.)
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fyi if you've been considering an external monitor - note that Apple is about to discontinue the LED Cinema display that is compatible with pre 2011 macs, and they stupidly do not make a known guaranteed-to-work adapater that would let you use their new Thunderbolt displays with the pre-2011 macs.

Or to put it another way - if you are getting a refurb Macbook, you will likely need a used/refurb external display (if you want an Apple display, that is).
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I used to have a Henge dock. I would not recommend it. It's more hassle than it's worth. It stopped working so many times, and I'd have to take out all the ports, fiddle with them, and then put them back in.

You're better off with a USB hub. It's only a few things to plug in. I'd take a look at the BookArc that TwelveSouth makes as an alternative. I think I might grab one of those to replace the Henge dock. (Sorry Henge, I gave you a try)
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FWIW I use the Henge dock with my macbook 13" and it works excellently for me. The BookArc isn't really a dock it's just a vertical stand for your macbook - you still have to plug and unplug everything each time you use it.
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I plan on going on the cheap initially for a monitor so Cinema display is out (perhaps even HDMI into a Tv :/ ).

I'm surprised to see such polarization on the Henge dock. Could it be that it works better for smaller form factor MacBooks? I imagine mine will be docked the majority of the time.
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Just say no to the overpriced BookArc. Nothing is more fantastic than using a Ikea FANTASTIK napkin holder as a macbook stand. I'm using one right now, and I've never had a problem with it. Save $50, and I think it actually looks better, too.
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I think the Henge dock is a bad idea, but that's because I worry about heat affecting the screen. Why not get a Rain Design mStand, and enjoy the use of both monitors? Do you have a shortage of desk space?
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