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Looking for ideas on venues for a small wedding.

Hi All

We are holding a small (10 people) wedding-would love to welcome any ideas on venues. All the ones we look at are for large weddings with Rates to match. :(

I am in Seattle, if any local people can suggest venues also.

Thank you
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Historic homes and house museums often are available for very reasonable rates. Here's a list of house museums in Washington, but I'd check with your local historic society or library, as they are often under-represented on the Web.
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I remember a conference I went to that was held at Bell Harbor. One night they hosted a small sunset cocktail party on the rooftop that was amazing - gorgeous panoramic views, very romantic. Looks like they have weddings there too "for 5 to 5,000." You might want to check their rates.
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Check into local restaurants; for example, when Mr. Adams and I were first planning to get married, we happened to have dinner one night at a seemingly small Italian restaurant in our neighborhood. I happened to notice a table tent that said something like "ask us about planning your next event". The food had been delicious and the service very good, so we asked the manager about hosting a small wedding reception there. He had a price schedule from parties as small as 10 to up to 75. The price per person was extremely reasonable and we heard so many comments from guests after the fact about how delicious the food was compared to the "usual" wedding food fare. Our requirement was just for the small dining reception after the ceremony, but the manager also offered the use of his in-house sound system to play whatever music we'd prefer (this was back in the early 90s, so we only needed to provide some cassette tapes).
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Maybe look at scout halls. I got married in a cute little wooden cabin like structure in the middle of the woods with lovely views of a running creek and trees etc and it only cost us $100 to hire for 24 hours.
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Oh I should have said scout camps not halls, but they usually have a main hall you can hire out.
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I got married in a similarly tiny wedding.

Because we also had a super short ceremony (six minutes, start to finish), we just crashed the gazebo at a public park. (We could have paid a deposit and reserved the park officially, but it seemed like too much hassle given our simple plans.)

Aside from the higher-than-a-kite homeless dude who popped up during my husband's vows (now a cherished memory), everything went perfectly. No regrets.

If you're only having 10 people there, I'm guessing the ceremony isn't very elaborate. Do you have any other constraints besides price? (Do you plan to decorate, do you need a room to get ready in, etc.)
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If you want an outdoor wedding, could help you find a scenic outdoor area. The place I'm looking at (in Colo) can be booked for $110/2 hours and has enough space for up to 35 people. The pictures show a small wedding of 5-10 people and it is gorgeous!
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Absolutely ask your favorite restaurants. Small ones might give you the whole place, and big ones might have a "back room" that you can take.

We had our wedding here (in Philly; sorry) -- ceremony, reception, dinner, drinks, dancing -- and bought the place out. Even on a Saturday, it was reasonable.
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We rented out all 5 rooms at a bed and breakfast for two nights, got married in the backyard, and spent the weekend with both sets of parents just hanging out and getting to know each other better. Very relaxing and a good deal.
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We rented a suite in a hoytel that had a huge balcony. We got the hotel to BBQ some food and supply a small bar. We didn't stay there but in wish we had done. Sorry cannot suggest for Seattle. Have a great day.
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Where did you meet? What do you love? If you met at school, maybe you could get married in the classroom, or a school chapel, If you love the woods, there might be a suitable spot with parking, and you could bring in a portable canopy. You could get married on a ferry, and have a meal at the end of the ride.
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You could rent the Lytle House in Bothell, rental rates here. If you do just the ceremony at the house (which means 3 hours end-to-end from setup to cleanup), it will cost you $200.
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