Is Cheap(er) Lodging in Oslo, Norway Possible?
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Oslo Lodging Query!

Myself and 3 friends will be traveling around Iceland and Norway in April 2012. We're all seasoned travelers, but we've been taken aback by how expensive Oslo is. Emails to Hostels have gone unanswered, and given we're planning early, and not going during peak tourist season, we didn't expect to see $300+ rooms in 2-3 star hotels.

In Iceland we'll be renting an apartment, and staying with friends in Bergen, but we're only in Oslo for 2 nights, so getting an apartment doesn't seem viable.

Is there some sort of secret hotel/hostel that prices around $200 a night? Dorms in hostels look like they start at $58 per person!!! or if the hostels are cheaper, then they aren't open until May. We're in our late 20's, and would prefer to not deal with Hostel Dorms (we're cool with getting a 4-person dorm to ourselves), but if that's what we need to do, that's what we'll do.

So Mefites, What are my options for affordable lodging in Oslo in Late April?

previous questions deal with cheap activities, we just need cheaper lodging! we were planning on spending our $$ on good food and weird muesums.
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I stayed here a couple of years ago when I was in Norway.
Nice rooms, excellent buffet, not that far from the center of Oslo (trains, Karl Johan). Much more comfortable than the Grand Hotel, which is the other one we stayed in.

Looks like it is right around 200USD, depending on your dates. If you look around, you can usually find a discount code for Scandic hotels.
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Try P-Hotels, I've been there a few times, it's an ok box budget hotel, centrally located.


Single rooms 110 USD, also quad rooms at 220 USD but never seen those.

There are other box-hotels but at the moment their names and places escape me.
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Looks like two nights in Comfort Hotel Xpress, Oslo (2 twin rooms) would cost 2640 NOK or $471, unless I'm doing something wrong.
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Best answer: Try something different. Oslo native here.

My favorite to recommend to travellers is at the bottom of Bogstadveien, Cochs across from the Lorry just on the rear on of the castle. Convenient to everything and beautiful in April.

For reference, downstairs is a great coffee shop and if the you choose to move away from the main tourist area, i.e. Karl Johans Gate, it's 15 minute walk to Frognerparken.

The area is comfortable, nice and you can really explore.

I have stayed there, and while not 4 stars, it is basic, comfortable and offers a fantastic location compared to the influx of high end that we seem to all enjoy at the moment.
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Ok, it helps if your link works:
Scandic Edderkoppen
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Thon Hotel Spectrum, Thon Hotel Astoria, Thon Hotel Oslo Panorama, Rica Travel Hotel, Saga Hotel. Apartment alternatives: Best Western Kampen Apartment Hotel, GrĂ¼ner Apartments.

Cheaper, but still OK: Anker Hotel and Perminalen Hotel.

(This hotel is quite cheap, but I wouldn't recommend it. There's a porn shop (link perhaps NSFW) in the same building, and the area is known for drug users and street prostitution.)
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I was just about to say NOT Oslo Budget Hotel, but ivikien beat me to the punch. It wasn't just so much that the area was particularly dodgy, but they have weird check-in and out times (you can't even get in the building to drop off or pick up luggage if you arrive before 3pm or after 10pm), the bathrooms are just bizarre (one of the showers on the floor we stayed on was over a toilet, with no curtain...) and the rooms not really worth it.

We would have chosen Anker Hotel, but it was all booked for the days we wanted, even though we tried to book way in advance. I've aso heard good things about
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