Help me find the spirit of Texas
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Suggestions for unique spirits specifically from Texas. Open to Rum, Gin, Rye and Whisky

I am looking for suggestions of a good spirit from Texas. My sister and husband recently moved to Texas and are coming back (to Scotland) for christmas. He has me for 'Secret Santa' so thought it'd be cool to receive a bottle of something that I wouldn't be able to buy over here.

I am open to most any kind of drink except vodka, since I don't think it really has a taste (except the taste of alcohol )

The only thing is that it has to be from Texas. So askmefi make me happy this christmas!
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Here's an article that discusses a bunch of Texas spirits. I'm personally familiar with the vodkas, so that's less help - although Deep Eddy Sweet Tea Vodka may be exactly what you're looking for. It tastes like sweet tea, which is quintessentially southern, local, and extremely popular. (Also a good way to accidentally end up on a table with a lampshade on your head - fair warning!)
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Paula's Spirits makes orange and a lemon liqueurs that are nice mixers.

Treaty Oak makes a very nice rum, and I'm not even that much of a rum fan.

Republic makes a decent Tequila, but they're just getting started, so it might be tougher to find.

There's also someone that makes a spiked tea, but I can't remember who just right now. I'll pop back in if it comes to me.

[On preview, restless_nomad got it. Tasty stuff, and seconded].
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Railean Rum from San Leon Texas has a mighty fine small cask reserve.

I tried a bottle of Balcones Whiskey and was suitably impressed. I try to buy as local as possible when I drink.
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Lone Star Vodka
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Could I persuade you to expand to bourbon, finest of the brown liquors? If so, Garrison Brothers is pretty good.
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Sorry, I missed the part where you said no vodka. Instead here's Balcones.
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Balcones Rumble

Made from Turbinado Sugar, Mission Figs and Wildflower honey and then aged in oak, it is like a bizarre hybrid of rum and scotch.
It is good neat, on the rocks or in a variety of mixed drinks.
It is the best and most (and most interesting) spirit coming out of Texas right now.
In my opinion, at least.
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Agreed, the Rumble is great and very original!
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I can personally vouch for Paula's Texas Orange (makes a way better margarita than Cointreau or Triple Sec) and Treaty Oak Rum (makes a great dark & stormy).
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Shiner Bock. It's beer, but it's worth seeking out- friends of mine used to drive cases of it back to NY from road trips to Texas.
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If you're used to high-quality craft-brewed beer, don't get Shiner Bock. Texas has many higher quality craft brewers: RealAle, Jester King, Clown Shoes, Circle Brewing, Rahr and Sons, and I'm sure more that I'm forgetting.

Jester King sells 5ths of beer (750ml) with cool art on them, nice enough-looking to make a gift, and tasty too. The Black Metal Stout drinks like a meal and is delicious, and the Witchmaker Rye IPA is a very good beer.
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Although Shiner does make some decent seasonal and limited release beer.
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The Black Metal Stout is indeed fantastic, and it's more special-occasion-y than most beers — it's strong enough in alcohol, and rich enough in flavor, that you basically need to share it out among friends like you'd share a good bottle of wine.
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OP Update

I received a bottle of Balcones Baby Blue Whisky and I am delighted with it. Really unique flavour. Kinda smoother and softer than other whisky's.

Perfect to sip on with ice and this may be sacrilege but really goes well with irn-bru.
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