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WTF Google News? Is it me or did Google just implement a change that means if you click on the the News tab, it clears the search field, forcing me to re-type what I was JUST searching for? How, in the name of all that is holy, do I make it stop?
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Best answer: This is part of Google's wacky new redesign, which they've been rolling out for weeks. The tabs at the top of the page take you to the homepage for that function. If you want to search, then pick a subcategory to hone your search, you have to use the navigation to the left of your search results (where it says "Everything," "Images," etc.).
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Response by poster: Ah, I see decathecting. I think that's really, really stupid, but at least I still have the option of preserving the search by using the menu under Search on the left of the page. Thanks.

Google may now proceed to get off my lawn.
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To be sure, over the past week or few days I've been having search fields cleared upon results often, with my search terms reappearing when I click in the search field.
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^ that, and it's incredibly frustrating
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Huh. For a long time I've been using the left hand sidebar to do this. I guess that makes me an early adopter :)
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Never mind the function, look at all the professional new typography!
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