What phone would suit me best?
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Can you help me find a phone to fit these needs? - Verizon network, decent camera, flip/clamshell design (or otherwise butt-dial proof), no data plan required, and good build quality.

I currently have the Samsung Intensity II on Verizon, which is maybe the worst phone I've ever owned. Terrible interface, and I'm constantly dialing random numbers from my pocket - even with the key lock enabled.

I'm just looking for a simple phone which won't require a data plan, takes decent pictures, and has a flip design which I won't have to worry about accidental calls.

I'm more than willing to track something older down on ebay - I just need to narrow down my best choices.

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The LG Revere and the Samsung Convoy 2 are flip phones with cameras that have decent reviews on the VZW site. I've not used either of those particular models, but I have had LG and Samsung flip phones from Verizon in the past and have been very pleased.
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I can't tell which phone to buy but I can tell you which VZW "basic" phone to avoid...the LG enV3. Worst. Butt. Dialer. Ever. (even with the double key lock enabled)
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If you can dig up a Samsung u340, it'll take a ton of abuse. Simple flip phone. And yes, I'm with you on the Intensity. Those aren't phones, they're curses.
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There's a new Casio rugged phone- the GZ'one.
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As the not-proud owner of a Casio GZ'one - I can tell you that this phone has horrible sound quality. There is definitely something amiss with the microphone on these phones - its a great watch though...
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Verizon has a great sturdy little flip phone called the Samsung Convoy. It's very rugged. I handle all the mobile phones for my company and we have these in our vehicles and they've lasted. I have a friend who had one and really enjoyed it, only upgraded because he needed a smartphone. They are now on the Convoy 2 which I imagine would be similar.

Stay away from the LG enV phones they're horrible.
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