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Suggestions please for an artist's sink/counter in my new downstairs studio.

I want to start making art again now that my home remodel from hell is finished (complete with having sued the contractor [and won]).

I have an area that was made ready with proper plumbing outlets (during the remodel) for hot and cold water, but now I need a sink and counter type gizmo/combo that will be used for cleaning up after painting, washing brushes out, etc. Probably a stainless steel type of sink would work best.

Any suggestions, re ordering something online. I know I'll have to have someone install it, but that's not a problem. Just figuring out the best sort of unit and pricing. I've about five feet of wall space to work with. Depth not an issue.
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If you want a deep utility sink, maybe with a sideboard, a commercial kitchen sink might work.
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uh, that should be "drainboard."
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If you do watercolors or ever soak papers, one of the coolest things I've ever seen in a studio was a custom-made, 3-inch deep stainless sink that could take a full sheet (about 22x30 inches) of watercolor paper with several inches to spare all around. Don't imagine there's anything ready-made like that…

And if you work with acrylics, you might want to consider some kind of trap to keep them from wrecking your plumbing over the long haul. There seems to be some controversy over whether that's a real danger…
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Response by poster: Thanks dpcoffin. Helpful info, especially given my situation of living with a septic system. Which completely forbids me from working with oils. Now I'll need to investigate the potential problems with acrylics.
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