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I've noticed that YouTube has a large Indian Cinema collection, but what to watch first ?

When I was living in the UK my local newsagent (who also rented out videos) was an excellent guide as to which to view.
I'm now living in the USA, just discovered YT Movies and want to resume my Bollywood addiction.
What I like is films with song and dance numbers (I know that describes nearly all of them) as well as comedy and romance. (Again that...)

Hive mind be my guide.
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Wow, Chakde! India is free! Totally watching that right now. And Dilwale Duhania Le Jayenge is kind of the quintessential Bollywood film, if you haven't yet seen it, you should start with it!

Action Replayy is a nice, fun one too. Musical numbers are catchy. :)

Taal is a fairly rich one with a soundtrack that was on repeat in my house for... a few years...

I'm really afraid that you've ruined my work day by posting this ;) Thank you!!!!

I'll probably stop by with more suggestions in a bit.
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Aluda Majaaka has ridiculous stunts.
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Can I piggy back on this to ask which ones are good that have english subs available?
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If you can afford to pay for it, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara is a great, fun film to watch. without giving away too much, its about 3 friends who decided years ago to take a world tour before each of them marries. How they rediscover what they truly want in life, while traveling beautiful places, is the crux of the film.

I am not sure if it has good English subtitles though.
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@theobserver: oh man, i was just describing that movie to someone as "a positive version of 'the hangover'"... i really liked it a lot. the music is good. subtitles were fine, too.

i'll go through the paid movies later. This might even turn into an FPP! :^)
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raihan_: Yes, its a well made film - rare in the song and dance routines churned out regularly.

I know the OP was watching Bollywood films in the UK, so must have watched the below excellent films, but throwing them in any case:

Swades - about a top NASA project manager getting the "Call of the Native land"

Jodhaa-Akbar - A superb period film about Akbar, Emperor of India and his marriage to Jodhaa, a rajput princess

Dhoom 2 - a stylish, modern supercop vs superthief film with Bollywood masala elements thrown in.
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If you are open to Tamil cinema:

Kandukonden Kandukonden is great (and free on YT) and features "the most beautiful woman in the world" at 19 or so. It's a retelling of Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility (Aishwarya Rai is Marianne) in the lush South Indian countryside.

Roja is more ambitious, and utterly beautiful and amazing, by the reigning auteur of Bollywood (who started in Tamil films) Mani Rathnam. I own that one, and never get tired of it. A young woman's husband is captured by terrorists, and she is determined to get him back.

If Bollywood is what you want, and of course you do:

Oh God they have Kismat! I love love love this movie. I cannot express to you how awesome this movie is. It is not what you might call a "good movie" -- but it is AWESOME. Bobby Deol is a gangster, moony in love with Priyanka, who is a popstar. Terrific songs, terrific picturizations.

Andaz Apna Apna hilariously funny -- and I too am dependent on English subtitles. Crime Master Go-go!

Shri 420 (that's shree char-so-bees) is one of the best movies ever made. Classic in every way. If you can watch "Pyar Hua Iqraar Hua Hai" and not get a little choked up, your heart is dead.

I am constantly scheming to find the movie that will win over my father to the greatest cinema in the world; lately I think Guide might do it. A dancer turned bored housewife meets a tour guide who wants to help her follow her muse.
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