Half way to Atlanta in December?
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Looking for a long weekend vacation spot to road-trip to [in the middle/end of December-January] that's about equidistant for driving from Washington, DC AND Atlanta.

Boyfriend and I and boyfriend's best friend and girlfriend want to meet up for a long weekend [let's say leaving as early as a Thursday night, returning Sunday or even Monday]. The boys think beach in Winter....OK.
The question is where-preferably somewhere equally between Atlanta and Washington, DC, but doesn't have to be exact. Also, non-beach locations are happily accepted as idea. We like, well, most anything including artsy stuff, outdoor stuff and good food/drinking kind of stuff.
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I haven't done the math, so I don't know how close to "middle" these are, but Louisville, Kentucky and Nashville, Tennessee are both cool. Obviously not the beach, but both have a ton of local culture/personality and plenty of interesting things to see/eat/do.

Louisville has college-y type neighborhoods and lots of bourbon related stuff to do if you're into that. Nashville has tons of music history and college-town neighborhoods too.
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Asheville's very nice, but maybe not enough in the middle.
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