Anyone know of a good wine bar in Chicago for a bday meet up?
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Anyone have suggestions for a good wine bar in Chicago to have people meet up at for a bday party?

Trying to plan my bday party and chose the Tasting Room but they told me that over 25 people results in a forced private room with pricing, etc. and honestly, I dont' want to pay for a room/party as if it's a wedding. It's not. They won't do a cash bar.

I'm looking for a decent wine bar where I can tell 25 - 30+ people, "hey let's meet here to celebrate a milestone bday" (looking to dress up, have fun, talk, so not looking for a regular loud bar). I'm looking for decent wine lists, flights, and sparkling offerings. The other option was Pops for Champagne but once I saw their pricings--eeks. Too expensive to ask people to meet there.

Any suggestions and locations would help. Thanks.
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Webster Wine Bar just west of Clyborne on Webster. It has been a few years, but my wife and I always enjoyed it.
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You might try Volo up on Roscoe (a party of 25 would overwhelm Webster Wine Bar and Dunlay's on Clark's).
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shameless friend plug: Telegraph in Logan Square is a great wine bar, fairly chill, I think it has everything you're asking for except.... it might be a little tight to fit 25 people in there but they have a back room I believe, its never over crowded and its right off the blue line with plenty of parking. You should call them to make sure. Added benefit, a good friend works there and she is the nicest person I know. I'll be there this weekend, actually. You should come, hang out.
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In Fine Spirits on the north end of Andersonville might be big enough. Their prices aren't too bad, from what I remember.
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You might check with 404 Wine Bar, on Southport in West Lincoln Park.

I have to say, though, I don't know of any wine bar that wouldn't shift you to a private party option for a party that size. Most wine bars aren't that large -- 25-30 people might be a quarter of their business on a weeknight, and certainly enough to want to bring in additional staff even on a weekend.
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