What's a good low maintenance website solution?
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How do I best go about providing a low-maintenance-user-friendly-but-update-able website for my boss's business?

My boss runs a financial planning business, and he'd like a website that he'd be able to update and expand with new content (ie adding new articles) in a user-friendly way. I'd also like if the site can be kept updated and running properly without much maintenance (ie no one has to update Wordpress every month).

Is a turnkey solution good for this, and if so, what options should I consider? Or should we hire a web designer? How does one go about hiring a good web designer? Or what about things like Wordpress or Drupal themes? Are there hosts that install security updates automatically?

The website won't sell products or services, which a lot of turnkey solutions tend to be about.

The website should basically be a description of the business, along with articles explaining the basic concepts of financial planning and how a financial planner can help. (My boss said he'd prefer to write some of the content himself, and get some of the other articles premade from a service)

My background: I know some basic HTML, CSS and Javascript, but I don't feel like I have the design chops or experience to build a website myself, nor do I think I could build a website that would have the low maintenance of a turnkey website for either ease of updating content or security, as far as I know.
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I don't actually think there's anything more simple than updating WordPress once a month unless you go with a hosted solution ala Squarespace or whatever. Drupal and WordPress themes are still built on core installs that require updating. Any web designer you hire is going to build on an existing CMS, be it Drupal or Wordpress or whatever, and still... will require updating.
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Did not know wordpress could update itself. Thanks for the info!
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Any recommendations on where to look for themes?
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Weebly might be suitable.
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I'm using Weebly for my little site at work - it's surprisingly flexible and has tons of themes to choose from.
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mccarty.tim: "The website won't sell products or services, which a lot of turnkey solutions tend to be about"

The end goal is to get new customers and retain existing ones right? You're selling a service, or at least advertising it. You want to set up a system to measure your effectiveness. I use Google Analytics and it might help you out by tracking conversions. It's easy to set up and collect data, and you can report / analyze later when you have time. There's a WordPress plugin that probably does the bulk of what you want.

if you're really paranoid about security, it sounds like wget --recursive would be sufficient.

mccarty.tim: "Any recommendations on where to look for themes"

The only safe place to go is Wordpress.org.
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