Preserving Windows 2000
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After fruitlessly trying to remove a port scan virus buried deep within the system services (even AVG couldn't detect it), I am starting a fresh W2K installation. What software packages can do rollbacks on the registry and /winnt, and cancel all the damage from any particular software install session? Sometimes the registry and /winnt seem like a wide-open mouth where junk is dumped endlessly, and preventing this would be an effective way of keeping the computer clean.
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In windows XP, it's my understanding that the System Restore tool does just this- I've had good luck with it in many circumstances, including situations similar to yours. My recollection of w2k is foggy, but it seemed like you could get System Restore in a service pack, or turn it on somewhere.
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XP's System Restore does this well, but I don't think it's available for 2k. But you should probably be able to schedule a backup regularly using the process described above.
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When you reinstall fresh, get your system to the state you want it in, then use Ghost or TrueImager or some disk imaging software to keep a disk image with your baseline install.

I've found that Windows only reliably runs for between 6-9 months under heavy use, and your best bet is just to start from scratch again (or be paranoid as hell, which isn't half as much fun).
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