Are there any stores in the Toronto area that carry modern Korean clothes for men?
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Are there any stores in the Toronto area that carry modern Korean clothes for men? Clothes like this, the stuff that gets carried in the South Korean equivalents of H&M. Is there anywhere in the GTA to get these?

I've wandered around Koreatown, and I'll take a visit to the Pacific Mall, but if anyone has actually been to a Korean fashion retailer they can recommend, I'd love to hear it.
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Why are you looking specifically for Korean clothing? Do you have a cultural connection -- which seems a bit loose, given the Western style of these clothes -- or are you looking for a more Asian shape/style/fit, such as the clothes at Uniqlo? I'm curious about your specificity, but maybe there's another retailer that could help you find those attributes.
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Looking for the style more than anything else. It doesn't have to be specifically Korean, but what I've seen from Uniqlo could just as easily come from The Gap or AE. I'm looking for the type of fashion-forward elements like tabbed cowl necks or totally asymmetric fronts that I don't see much of outside korean designers. Stage fashion taken down just a notch.
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G-market is down, but here are a few more examples of what I mean.
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Hi Jairus!
there is a store in Kensington, a bit south of Courage My Love, that has a lot of really interesting stuff from japanese designers. I think it's this store, or one close to it. Alana and I have bought some really funky outfits there, so it might be worth checking out.
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